4+ rounds of visual trivia which is designed for your target market. Essentially every establishment is different, e.g. if your patrons want more sports questions, they will get more sports questions. Everything is customisable, if you want more rounds, we can make more rounds etc. In addition, if establishments do not have the appropriate technology, we can provide everything. We also provide hosts and we can also train bar staff to be hosts. A big part about our business is we create funky trivia nights but we use the data that we obtain to provide quality entertainment.

What does a typical package provide?


Dr M’s trivia is unique as it is all visual which makes the event very engaging and enjoyable.   The difference between our trivia and our competitors is that we do not pretend like we are the smartest people in the room.  Our trivia allows for bonding, fun and an atmosphere where people of all levels can participate in the event.  Our trivia is certainly not the hardest but it is the most entertaining.  One thing we have learnt is that, questions need to be balanced and written to suit your target market.  Our company reaches this balance with a proven bAlance of easy, funny, weird and challenging questions that allow players to use their whole brain.  This formulae comes from our creative writing teams experience in education and catering to people with diverse needs.  

Round 1 and 2: Two rounds of general knowledge (10 questions a round)

Round 3: Different theme each week, e.g. Lego themed celebrities, food, flags, morphing famous people together with objects etc. This round is a lot of fun as we think of new creative themes every week.

Round 4: Brain Bending round (this round consists of 5 brain teasing primary school problems and then we play 5 songs for patrons to guess who sings it and the name of the song.

Extra stuff: We give the establishment feedback every week on marketing, the actual trivia night, what the patrons thought etc. We take all this data and make changes if necessary. We also can train hosts (bar staff) for free and these hosts are supported with weekly phone calls where we discuss the questions and make any changes before the event. We make every host feel comfortable.

Themed trivia 

Our company specialises in themed trivia and will accept any challenge to make questions for a theme that you desire.  Because of our formulae, we create fun, engaging and exciting themed trivia nights which are enjoyed by everyone.  The key is having a balance between competitive and fun questions  which allow everyone on the night to feel like they have not only participated but had a fantastic time.  Below are some of our themes we have catered for,

Rick and Morty

The Simpsons

Sex and the City

Game of Thrones

Harry Potter 


Star Wars

Avengers Movie themed trivia

Brooklyn 99


Costs and expenses

Dr M’s Quizzology Services packages range from $125- 275 depending on whether a host needs to be provided etc.

The costs are negotiable. We can send you an example via email and it is not a locked in contract.