Musical Bingo


Musical Bingo is taking over the country as it is a fun and funky way to get patrons into the establishment. Our version very customizable style of bingo where the normal of bingo apply but with subtle differences. The biggest is that we play music instead of drawing numbers and the patrons cross it off if that song is on their bingo board. Our version has been designed for lots of fun but also very simple. Essentially, we design playlists which will be effective for your target market and provide many forms of advertising. Some of the themes can include 80s music, 90’s tv themes, Disney & One hit wonders .

What is Musical Bingo?

Musical Bingo is one of the funkiest crazes taking the world by storm.  It essentially bingo but instead of numbers, you play music.  If the song played is on the bingo board, you cross it off.  Simple yet lots of fun.  

What do you get from us?

You get the playlists and bingo boards (what you hand out to players).  You also get marketing help and advice on which themes are better than others.  What makes our Bingo different from the competitors is that we custom make the playlists to suit what the patrons desire through feedback each week.  E.g. if the patrons want 80s Aussie Rock, we provide it the following week.  We have designed it to be very simple to run by just about anybody.  We offer free host training to help potential hosts in your establishment.  It is an excellent event to try if you want something different as weekly/monthly entertainment or as a fundraiser.Costs and expenses

Prices range from $125- 300 depending on whether a host/equipment needs to be provided etc.