Dining in the Dark


This event really gets patrons involved with their food as they’re blindfolded during each course (normally 5-7 courses). The idea is for patrons to use more than just taste to understand and appreciate their food. These events are generally ran once a month and a different theme is celebrated. Some of the themes can include, Asian Food ( A different Asian country is celebrated in each course), Battle of the senses (each course celebrates a different sense in your body), Beef (each course celebrates a different cut).

Benefits to the event

Gets people talking: It is a conversation starter as the idea of the night is for people at the table to discuss and really bond with each other over quality food.

Good revenue: Normally establishment charge between $80-$150 per head for these events. Our data suggests that people are willing to pay these amounts due to the experience.

Showcases quality food: This night showcases quality food but also really allows chef’s to be creative and really gives them a spark into creating quality menus.

What we provide?

There is a lot of preparation that goes into these events, we provide direction and advice as we have had a significant amount of experience with these events. The significant part of this event is that everything needs to be matched to create a wholesome experience, below is a list of what we provide (but not limited to):

1. We give feedback and work closely with the chefs to design a menu.

2. We help with marketing and discuss the type of target market you want attending this event.

3. Depending on the theme, we need to match music, drinks, decorations etc to match with each course. This is essential because everything has to make sense and be balanced. Because people are blindfolded, there sense of smell and hearing is quite sensitive and different songs and smells need to match up with what they’re eating.

4. We can provide a host or we can train one of your staff members up. Hosting is really important for the night because you’re their guide to the experience.

5. We provide support every step of the way.