Are you looking to host a funky and fresh trivia or bingo night? Are you seeking creative and innovative events to get people talking? We have everything you need and more.

Dr M’s Quizzology Services is an event planning business based in QLD and we provide high quality and creative entertainment across Australia. Below are some of the items that we provide.

What makes Dr M different from the rest?

Data driven feedback

Dr M uses data obtained from patrons, hosts and venues to create funky nights enjoyed by everyone. Feedback is imperative as shows us how to improve the events for all those involved.

Communication and support

Whether it is one-off or a weekly event, Dr M supports you every step of the way from developing questions to marketing in order to make every event a successful one.  We reflect on all the events we do with the people involved.  A typical situation is that weekly we ring the venue manager after a trivia night and we discuss the evening.  What worked, what did not? What can we improve on next week? Honest feedback is something my company takes pride in.  

Everything is Customizable

Due to our communication and data, every single thing we do is customizable to make your night successful. From extra rounds for trivia, to different songs in musical bingo, we design everything to suit your needs.  WE CAN CREATE ANYTHING YOU WANT!!! from trivia to weird and wacky events, my creative team likes to be challenged.  Never be afraid to ask if you have a crazy idea in mind.